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Sep 24, 2018

How to survive long haul flight

I used to feel terrible after a long haul flight and suffer from jet lag for days, just as many other people. Sometimes it can take up to 10-15 hours or even more to get to the destination. It is extremely hard for our body and mind. My biggest issue was that I always felt bloated and tired on the plane and after. When I started bringing these simple rules into my travel routine, everything became much easier!


1. On the day and while you travel stay away from coffee and caffeinated teas. Even if you’re a coffee addict just try to start your morning with matcha or herbal tea. Coffee dehydrates your body and since it’s already dry and cold inside of the airplane, you will do such a big favor to your skin and immune system by not drinking it. So on your way to Starbucks, please, think twice and instead of flavored coffee get a big cup of chamomile tea.

2. Thinking about getting glass of wine to fall asleep easily or about having a sip while you’re enjoying your book/movie? Please don’t! A lot of flights offer complimentary alcohol on the board, so it might seem very appealing. But just as with coffee, alcohol dehydrates your body even more on the board than on the ground. Another reason to skip alcohol - you get drunk much faster. And plus you can’t get the full aroma and flavor of wine on the plane because of the pressure. So just wait until you land to enjoy it on a full scale.

3. Don’t Eat on the plane. I know, whaaaaaaaaaat? (😱). But let me explain: for me it was a life changing discovery. Fasting while I’m traveling is one of the best decision for me, I don’t get bloated, I feel great. It may seem super hard, but once you try and see the difference it is easy. At least in my case. Well-known secret among cabin crew is to eat nothing on flights. When we are this high above the ground our digestive system shuts down. And after you land your body has to restart everything and your digestive system has to double the force, which makes you super tired. Plus the food on the plain contains a lot of salt and generally not healthy.  

What I suggest is eating a couple of hours before the flight, lots of water during, and a big healthy lunch or dinner after you land. Trust me, you will feel so much better.

4. Whenever I go overseas or my flight is over 5 hours, I buy sleeping water or dream water (different kinds are sold at any airport). They contain a little bit of melatonin, that helps you fall asleep. I drink it as soon as I board and sleep like a baby the entire flight.


1.  Drink a lot of water before the flight and during, while waiting for transfer. Keep drinking as much as you can to keep your body hydrated.

2. Drink herbal teas 🌿

3. Try to get an aisles seat so you can go to the restroom as much as you want. Also stretch, walk, stand every hour so you won’t feel sore after your flight.

4. Bring a comfy sweater and socks even in summertime, as it’s always cold inside the cabin.

5. Wearing calf compression sleeves helps to keep your calves pain and swelling down.

6. Hand cream, face lotion and moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm - MUST on the plane. Put as much as you can every hour and your skin will be thankful to you. (but don’t forget to wash your hands before applying).

7. If you don’t get bloated on the plane and you have a special meal request (such as vegan, vegetarian or kosher), let your flying company know in advance.

Following these simple rules can help you feel more comfortable on the plane and recover easier after a long and exhausting flight. What are you long haul flight tips?





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