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Sep 14, 2018

How I (try to) travel light

Hello to all of you, travel addicted people! My long layover at the airport and all the travelers around me rushing and carrying huge suitcases made me think of a few ideas I want to share with you, my fellow travelers!

I used to travel with two-three extremely heavy luggages, plus a very heavy carry-on bag. Being on the go all the time, moving from one country to another, from one state to another was always such a nightmare for me. This kind of experience didn’t teach me how to travel light even after years! I was always stressed and was grabbing too many unnecessary things. I didn’t know minimalist travel existed!  

Gradually I became more conscious about a lot of things in my life, which is of course is connected to my yogi life. Now I went overseas for three months with just one luggage and a backpack, and no overweight fee for the first time 🙈 It is a huge step for me. I know some people can pack like a pro with minimum stuff and minimum efforts. I’m not quite there yet but I am enjoying this new to me minimalist concept and lifestyle it includes.   

We don’t really need that much clothes, shoes, skincare, makeup and other things to feel comfortable and stay happy.
We just need to be more organized and pack clever;)
Here a few rules/tips I try to follow when packing minimally:

1. Buy travel size empty bottles. You can easily find these on amazon, in some drugstores and other shops, often sold as a kit. Put as much of all your favorite products as you need  (have one makeup bag ready with all travel size bottles). I use a kit with 6 different sized containers (for shampoo, conditioner, day/night cream, lotion and hair spray)

2. Travel toothbrush is amazing! Get the one which can fold, it takes no space in your toiletry bag
3. Travel compression bags for clothes are space-savers and life-savers!

4. For yoga lovers like myself: get Manduka travel mat, I swear by it! It is foldable and light, it’ll easily fit in your suitcase or even in a carry-on bag (in case you want to do some asanas on the plane...just kidding!)

5. Life is so much easier if you don’t wear makeup! But in case you do, pack multitasking  products that will work for eyes, lips and cheeks

6. When it comes to deciding what clothes to pack, I try to simplify my choices, plan a few outfits and pack matching colors. For beach, outdoors, and warm weather I pack a lot of white (off-white), gray, dusty pink solid colors. And I stick with natural materials like linen and cotton, simple breezy silhouettes, denim shorts, flowing skirts. When headed to an urban destination, I pick solid gray and darker clothes with a couple of bright accents.   

7. Shoes-wise, you really just need 3 pairs of shoes: exercise sneakers, comfortable daytime flats and sandals. And if you are a heel-lover like me, bring one pair of heels for a trip (a pair of beige pumps is always a good idea and sandals for the summer).


Are you on travel-mode and want to read more? In the next post I’ll share how to survive a long flight, what to bring on the plane and beat jet lag. Stay tuned ;)

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