Aug 21, 2018

Detoxing Your Place (Part 1)

Everyone knows that it’s important to detox your body from time to time. But what about detoxing the place where you live? Getting rid of things that you do not need anymore or that do not suit you anymore will create a space and open possibility for something new and exciting.

I’m a girl so the first thing which comes to my mind is, of course, CLOSET.

The task to detox your whole wardrobe sounds overwhelming. What do I even begin with? Here are my simple tips to make the detoxing process easy and fun.

Look through your closet piece by piece. The great way to select your staff is to ask yourself these simple questions:


1. Does it make me happy?
2. Does it fit properly? (Yeah, I know we all have this thing, when we buy some super cool dresses/jeans which are not quite the right size because, of course, the coolest things are always too small and we hope that one day they will fit...never happened to me lol)
3. Is it in a good condition?
4. Am I ever going to wear it again? (prom dresses, Halloween costumes, crazy one time party dresses)

If you answered positively on all the questions leave a piece in your closet and move to the following. Things that did not get all the positive answers go into a pile. After answering those questions you will make 3 piles:

1. I might wear it again (you are obviously not ready to give it up and it’s okay)
2. I would never ever wear it again
3. DONATION (things you wore and do not need anymore, but others can still use)

So put the first pile aside and give it ONE MORE CHANCE. Hang the clothes back in your closet, but remember: if you don’t wear them in the next 6 months, chances that you are ever going to wear them are very little.

The second pile goes to SELL. Facebook marketplace, letgo, Poshmark, Depop are great apps to sell things. After half a year you can also add things from the first pile. But watch out because it’s actually addicting. I started selling stuff online and it’s like gambling, I get so excited and I want to sell more and more.

Bring the third pile to GOODWILL. You are making your closet breathe and also helping others. Killing two birds with one stone (Gosh, such a cruel saying, who made that up?)

After you got this part - GET ORGANIZED!
Yes. It’s time. Start by arranging your closet by item type (jeans, T-shirts, pants, sports leggings, etc), and fold the stuff as they do in store. It will make it so much easier to pull staff out and you are not going to make a mess every time you get ready.
I like hanging my clothes as much as I can because this way you see everything you have and you can grab it right away.
I use this order for hanging:

First go jackets
Second - dresses
Third - shirts
Forth - skirts (get special hangers for skirts)

I arrange my clothes by seasons, so whenever it’s summer I have only summer clothes in my closet, the winter clothes are stored in suitcases and boxes and the the other way around when seasons change.

ANALYZE Look more closely into your closet, see what is missing and what you already have. You might find that you have too many shirts of the same kind  (so you may sell even more after taking another look). You really don’t need 5 things of the same style of shirt. Even if they are slightly different.

COMBINE See if you can create many looks by using already existing clothes. Try on the bottoms and a few different tops and vice versa. For example, you find some really cool pants but there is nothing in your closet to go with them. So you either buy a top that will go with these pants and other bottoms or get rid of them. How simple is that?
And by combining clothes and creating a few new outfits you can actually stop asking yourself what to wear tomorrow, because you will already have so many looks in your head.  

DETAILS You don’t need many clothes to be stylish. You just need right accessories like scarfs, hats, jewelry, bags, shoes. By adding those items to your everyday look you will make a huge difference. You can wear a simple T-shirt with an oversized jacket, and just by adding a belt you will already get a different look. So play with what you have and make your style unique.

QUALITY rather than quantity
If you’re buying new items, it is worth to get one very good piece of high quality than 10 cheap ones but of poor quality.
Also if your are buying designer clothes or shoes, choose classic styles rather than what is trendy now because, you know, fashion tends to change, classic stays forever. So if you are ready to spend some money purchase timeless pieces.

Detoxing your place Part 2 is coming your way soon. Stay tuned!




by WellKnown Agency