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Jul 17, 2018

What I Eat While Traveling

When you travel keeping your certain diet and eating healthy might seem very difficult. It has always been very challenging for me too. I travel all the time and through many mistakes and trial I have found a few strategies to help me find the balance. In the end it is always all about balance, isn’t it?

I used to be very strict with my diet but now I’m learning to allow myself having whatever I'm craving at this particular moment and not stress out about it. Who cares, if it benefits your soul and mind?! So I let myself be less concerned and truly enjoy things I don’t usually eat when I am at home, like pasta, pizza and wine. 

I don’t eat this kind of food in everyday life, but when I am in a different country or a city, I want to experience local cuisine, appreciate the given opportunity and just do things I enjoy. However I balance this kind of “heavy food” with my usual juices, smoothies, açaí and salad bowls. For instance after a dinner with pasta and wine, I will do juice or a green smoothie for breakfast the next morning. 

I like trying places off the beaten path, and I just love when I have a local friend in a city, who can share favorite non-touristy spots, cause most of them are too crowded with average food. If I don't have any friends there I look online for great places and recommendations. I yelp vegan, juices spots and try local markets and shops, or in some cities I already know a few good spots and just go there. I hate being disappointed with food, I know I always take food too seriously :)  That’s why when I find my gem I just go back there because I am sure I will get what I’m looking for. 

When it comes to the menu, I have made a few suggestions to make the choice easier and the meal a bit healthier, but still yummy.

My Suggestions:

  • Breakfast place

I always go for AVOCADO toast or acai (pitaya) bowl, if they have one.

  •  Salad

My first option is always salad, not every place offers good ones, sometimes it is just a mix of greens and watery tomatoes. Always ask to add extra avocado cause it is very filling and healthy and has a dressing with olive oil and lemon or balsamic vinegar on the side instead of Thousand Island. 

  • Side dishes

Most of the restaurants have sides such as grilled veggies, potatoes or cauliflower. Great choice (and very filling) would be a salad + side of veggies.

  • Italian restaurant 

I always go for Pasta. Even if they don’t have a vegetarian option on the menu, you can always ask for spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, herbs and some veggies or with just tomato sauce - super simple and super good. Not super healthy, but super yummy for sure. Some Italian restaurants have gluten-free pasta, which is a great substitute for a regular pasta. 

  • Appetizers

Even in a place where there is not a big choice of entrees, you can find one or two suitable appetizers, like hummus or avocado dip, asparagus or brussels sprouts. Add to that a glass of red wine and you are good to go - nice and tasty dinner. 


 I know what you are thinking, I love bread too! But it always makes you feel heavy and it is extra calories when you add it on top of a meal.


You hate me now, right? JK! Sometimes I allow myself to have something sweet. Espresso and tiramisu combo never hurt anyone!  =)

But do not indulge too often! This is very tricky: to stay fit and healthy make it a rule to only have a small dessert or even better share with someone. And let it mean something special to you.


You probably read the word “Balance” a lot on this blog. But this is it what I truly believe in - finding balance everywhere and in everything.

Do your best to stay healthy, move a lot, but do not miss out on local experience and indulgence. 

by WellKnown Agency